Five course “clamping” menu. Served only for the whole table.

54€ / person

Wine package +45€


Roasted vegetables, avocado, pine nuts, cashew nuts, egg, edamame beans, sesame seeds, lettuce and rice.

Avocado 18€ (MF)

Fried Chicken 18€ (LF)

Sugar Salted Salmon 19€ (MF)

Hummus and Yoghurt 18€ (GF)

One, two or three

Halloumi fries 8€

Halloumi fries with lime mayonnaise. (LL)

Butter Shrimps 12

Garlic butter fried scampi’s and bread. (LF)

Caramel Pork 11

Crispy caramelized pork, chili, fritted onion and coriander. (LF)

Grandma’s Sugared Salmon 12€

Salt and sugar cured salmon, smetana mousse, Grandma’s cucumber, red onion and rye chips. (LF)

Hummus 11€

Hummus, berries, roasted cashew nuts, pine nuts and bread. (LF)

Food trip around the world

Cauliflower 23€

Roasted cauliflower, coconut rice, fritted onion, pomegranate, pine nuts and satay sauce. (MF, GF)

Teriyaki Salmon 25€

Teriyaki glazed salmon, grilled baby gem lettuce, roasted peanuts and coconut rice. (MF,GF)

Red Coconut Curry 24€

Chicken or tofu in hot coconut curry and rice. (MF,GF)

Caramel Pork 27€

Crispy caramelized pork, chili, fritted onion, coriander and rice. (LF)

Korean Style Ribs 25€

Korean style seasoned pork ribs, fresh Asian slaw salad and lime mayonnaise. (MF)

Entrecote 35€

Wood oven grilled entrecote, garlic butter, roasted cauliflower and satay sauce. (LF,GF)

Reindeer Tenderloin 36€

Local reindeer tenderloin, roots, fried onions, mashed potatoes and rosemary red wine sauce. (LF,GF)

Pepper Steak 34€

Finnish beed tenderloin, pepper sauce and parmesan fries. (LF,GF)

Cheeseburger 20€

Ground beef burger patty, 9 months matured cheddar cheese, salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, caramelized onion and mayonnaise in a burger bun. Served with fries. Burgers served medium. (LL) Make It Dirty 2€ 

Ultimate Veggie Burger 19€

Beetroot patty, avocado, sweet potato, salad, tomato, pickled cucumber, caramelized onion and miso mayonnaise in a burger bun. Served with fries. (LF) Make It Dirty 2€

Flat Kebab 23€

Kebab, Labneh yoghurt, tomato sauce, pickled cucumber, hummus, mint, coriander, and bread.


Brulee 9€

Crème brûlée with berries. (LF,GF)

Caramel Mud Cake 9€

Caramel mud cake, vanilla ice cream, salted peanuts and orange jam. (L)

Ice cream 4€

Vanilla (LF, GF), strawberry (LF, GF) or mint chocolate (MF, GF).

French Cinnamon Toast  9€

Fried cinnamon bun, berry jam, fresh berries and ice cream (LF)

Kids menu

Fries 5€

Fries and ketchup. (MF, GF)

Burger 10€

Ground beef patty and ketchup in a bun. Served with french fries. (LF)

Basket 10€

Deep fried chicken fillet, fries and mayonnaise. (LF)

Salmon 10€

Grilled salmon, mashed potatoes and salad. (LF, GF)

Reindeer Meatballs 10€

Reindeer meatballs, mashed potatoes and lingonberries. (LF)

Beetroot Rolls 10€

Beetroot rolls and mashed potatoes. (LF)

Ribs 10€

Pork ribs, fries and mayonnaise.       (MF, GF)

Kid’s Ice Cream 6€

Vanilla icecream, whipped cream, candy and caramel sauce. (LL)